Oogleand its products (for business economics)

1) Pick a product or service in this company
2) Relate companys product/service to the following objectives:
a) how is supply/demand equilibrium determined?
b) what is a resonable elasticity? how should it be interpreted?
c) what types of costs are involved in producing the product/service?
d) is this product making profit? how do u know?
e) what type of industry/market does this product compete within?
f)how will/has the business cycle impacy this product
g) how will this product fare during a recession? Economic expansion? Under tax increases? Or federal spending increases/decreases?
h) how will/has expansionary/contractionary monetary policy helped/hurted this pruduct/service?
i) will lower/higher interest rate help/hurt this product/service? Explain
j) of what impact are international markets and or exchange rates with regard to this product/service?

3) One typed page for company and product or service describtion and history. Each objective should be about half page length. Please include some graphs for illustration, and bibliography.