Oogles history,innovation product and capability,innovation strategy

You must satisfy the following requirement:
” The history of the company
o When it was established?
o Where it is located?
o How did grow and develop?
o What were the key events in its history?
” Its main markets, products and competitors
” Its main technologies or capabilities
o What are the core capabilities and technologies they use or develop? Describe in detail if possible and outline where they came from and how they have changed over time.
” How it organises its innovative activities, such as R&D spending
o Distribution of R&D into product areas
o R&D priorities  what are key areas of technology they are focused on developing?
o Organisation of R&D  Is it centralised or decentralised?
o If they do no R&D, then explain how to they develop new products and processes
” Its innovative strategy
o Characterise the firm s innovation strategy. Is it an offensive innovator or a fast-follower?
o How does it protect its innovations? Does it have lots of patents or does it rely on being first to market?
” Challenges and opportunities for its innovative activities
o Describe some of the key challenges and opportunities that face the firm. Think about what the firm can do prepare for the future.