Oogles Public Data Explorer or Gapminder

All the instructions will be attached as a file

Added on 01.05.2015 11:33
this example, do the like it, the very important thing the graph should be dots graph like the example, and I should have it tonight before 10:00 p.m

Added on 02.05.2015 03:11
Using GoogleS Public Data Explorer or Gapminder, create a Word Document or PowerPoint slide similar to the previous assignment. You must identify outliers (or, if there are none, particular interesting cases) and label them (by clicking on the data point). Write a 200-250 word interpretation of the graph, identifying the general relationship, outliers (and the reasons for them), and interesting regional differences (and the reasons for them). This time, you must include outside references, and Wikipedia is not an acceptable reference. Instead, use Wikipedia to help you locate acceptable references. Good examples would be news articles from reputable sources, the CIA World Factbook, academic articles, books, or authoritative web sites. Be sure to cite them at the end in any conventional citation format (MLA, Chicago, APA). The ENTIRE GRAPH MUST FIT ON ONE PAGE, and include the title, author (you!), legend (snipped along with the graph), caption, and references. Submit as Word document, PDF, or PowerPoint Slide.