Hi thank you for everything you have done.. its great job..
I would like to continue work with this particular writer 74688
There is some points I want to you cover in order to edit the attached dissertation..
1- Please bear in mind that Im getting feedback per each chapter I send so I will send you the feedback I got and I want you to cover them all and edit the attachment accordingly.
2- Also, I want you increase the words count until you reach to 15000 words count.. and highlight the update..
3- I would appreciate if you finish them as soon as possible as I already passed the due..
4- You will find that I have done some changes according to my tutor feedback but also I want you to go over them and see if its correct or not.
5- Also, am getting repeatedly the request to recite the reference correctly, I would appreciate if you could do that..
6- Please again follow the instructions as they are in the feedback..
This is the feedback from my tutor:
Hello, Shafaa. Heres some feedback on Chapter 4:
a? In my last feedback, I asked you to include the page numbers in the TofC as well, but you didnt. Why not? Please also include page numbers at the bottom of all of the pages so that its easier to refer to material that youve written. ( page numbers )
a? I wont go over Chapters 1 -3 again at this stage, but rather focus on Chapter 4.
a? The title Findingsshould be Results.( Title should results )
a? I find the layout of this chapter a little confusing with all of the headings in bold font just like the numbered sub-titles.
a? This chapter also feels incomplete. As I mentioned previously, please send me complete materials in the future. Also, youre doing a great deal of listing with the use of hyphens.
a? Your figures must all have numbers (e.g., Figure 1. xxxxx). These must also be listed in the Table of Contents.
a? Youre page layouts need to improve. There is far too much blank space.
a? You still have not corrected your references. Why not? To be honest, I expect you to make corrections when I give you feedback. This is important, so please do so.