Ooperative Learning -(Grade 1 to Grade 12)

In Thailand,All schools are using traditional teaching methods to feed students knowledge.It belongs to teacher-centered . I would use Cooperative Learning ( Including teaching method of Jigsaw,Group Investigation , Student Teams Achievement Divisions , Learning Together / Learning Circles and so on.)
to change traditional teaching methods and I will take measures as follow :
1.Teachers training for Cooperative Learning
(4 months).
2.To take 4 classes to be pilot of Cooperative
Leaningclasses.(6 monthsone semester)
3.To evaluate and get feedback(Interviewing the
pilot teachers.)
4. To collect the suitable cooperative teaching
methods and modify them to become schools
sample teaching methods.
5. To train all the teachers to use Cooperative
Learning Teaching methods through grade 1 to
grade 12 in differant subject.

Note : Please reference my description above to write a essay or report that could show my idea clearly.Thanks!