Opate Social Responbility and customer loyalty

All I want is, a rational and what I mean by rational is what we know about this topic and what we dont know, and what can we add to the literature. Introduction to the topic and why doing this topic, and by doing this topic what will my study do in relation to the literature. I need to be specific and need to focus on aspect of things that havent been done in past. I need to clarify what my study will look at based on previous studies. Something new to look at based on other studies that is still not done and also i would need objectives and everything needs to be justified to why i did this rather than something else. Need things to be clear and need to show what other articles have done and what i will be doing. Basically, an introduction that states what i will do and what i will build on by doing this study. I need to see the lack in the literature on this topic and add upon it by focusing on things like for example customer commitment. Evidencing rational: why interested in looking at CSR and loyalty, what we already know (Referring back to other researches), (what we will build) and here we are forming a solid area to focus on. Then, based on the objectives, what will i use a quantitative or qualitative methods and what framework will i use, justify why these methods will be used instead of others.