OPD Awareness Activites Proposal Presentation (MARKETING)

Please see attached PPT for beginning content only.
I need a new 10 page presentation from marketing perspective for Boehringer-IngelheimPharmaceuticals, (makers of SPIRIVA first line treatment for COPD)
presenting to senior maangement options to promote COPD Awareness Month based on targeting to segments Health Care providers: pulmonologists, Primarcy Care Physiscians, Nurses, respiratory therapists VIA sales representative field calls or targeted media
Consumers: patients and care-givers
and via web site consumer materials
Partnering with organizations: NIH COPD awareness campaign.
along with
COPD Awareness iniitave within the Boehringer coporote offices in Ridgefiled, CT. USA

refer to Web link:
NIH COPD awareness campaign
Boehringer-Ingelheim pharmaceuticals

Writer will need to understand role of pharmaceutical reps in filed calls-bringing value to health care providers office

Content needs to be embelished, Ideas needs to be further veted, presentation in impactful and easy to understand format.

references not required
Cool marketing ideas welcome