OPD Awareness Month Potential options for Consumer Market and Professional Promotions Market

Prepare Power Point Presentation for COPD AWARENESS Month initiatives from a Consumer perspective, professional promotions perspective and Public Perspective.

COPD Awreness month is November
World COPD day is also in November

COPD is seriously underdiagnosed disease in the USA. The death rate in women now surpasses men. It the only disease death rate that is increasing.

Creative cost effective plan which maintains supports the Pharma guidelines. Reinforces compnay objective of SPIRIVA first line mainrence therpay for COPD

Rise above our copetitors GSK ADVAIR (for copd)

Compnay Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Incorporated, Leaders In COPD care: Makers of SPIRIVA for the maintence treatment of COPD.

Potential strategies to promoted COPD awareness month to Consumers to Physicians to be delivered my reps in the field who call on physicians
and PR options.
Looking for new, cost effective ways to support COPD awareness.

Prepare PPT presentation 8 pages
Overview of potential stratgeis to consider to support COPD awareness nationwide
I will upload rough draft of thoughts I had, need to pull together presentation based on inforamtion on COPD awreness month, Boehringer Ingelheim as a compnay, the government agency NIH.
Can we partner with NIH. Not to reinvent the awareness wheel but join the band wagon as proactive partners in the public awareness of COPD disease.
Must speak to USA audience, USA dollar

Writer reference PPT presentaion only as needed