Operate social responsibility (CSR) role in Oil and Gas Organizations in Nigeria

Percentage of marks awarded for module: The report is worth 100%
Assessment criteria Explanatory comments on the assessment criteria Maximum marks for each section
Aims of research Clearly defined objectives/research questions relevant to aim. Clear focus on aims / objectives maintained throughout. If appropriate, hypotheses defined and explained. 10%
Literature review Thorough review of appropriate secondary sources; relationship between the literature and the project explored (i.e. justification is linked to literature) 20%
Research methodology Explanation and justification of an appropriate methodology i?? approach and data collection techniques appropriate to aims and research questions. 20%
Data Analysis Appropriate analysis of data in the light of the research objectives and questions. Clear and analytical presentation of findings. 10%
Discussion Results discussed, highlighting significant findings and comparing theory & practice where appropriate 10%
Conclusions / recommendations Based on a reasonable interpretation of both the research conducted and the existing literature. 10%
Critical evaluation Critical evaluation of own work. Areas for further research identified and discussed. 5%
Overall layout and Presentation is of an acceptable standard, logical and adds value to the document. Appropriate structure. 5%
Reflection Reflection on programme is detailed and insightful. 10%

Critically analyse one or more strategic problems in a modern business organisation and produce a comprehensive report detailing the objectives, methodologies, findings, analysis, and conclusions of the research carried out above. The word length for the report is 10,000 words.
2. Analyse the extent to which you have developed your knowledge, throughout the course and how the course and this project has helped your employability. This should be summarised as a personal statement of no more than 500 words and placed in an appendix to the main document.