Operations Management) Key recent developments of operations design and practise in airline and automotive (car ) industry


Operations Managers are under increasing pressure to make improvements to the design and operations of their businesses. As a leading (research-led) consultant to (a) the airline industry and (b) the automotive (car) industry you have been asked to provide a briefing on key developments in operations design and practice in these two industries to a forthcoming industry conference. You are preparing your briefing.

Assignment requirements:

You are required to identify some key (recent) developments in operations design or practices within the above two industries. You are then required to examine and evaluate how these key developments are contributing to (or have the potential to contribute to) improving the effectiveness of the operations of businesses within these industries.

Some hints and tips:-

To help get you started, below is a list of think points. These are not meant to be headings for structuring your assignment. They are questions/pointers to think about (and research !) in order to help you to get started:

consider what are the challenges facing the businesses in the industry;

consider what are the changing requirements of the markets;

what solutions might be adopted to tackle the challenges ?;

what are alternative designs or configurations of resources being used ?; and

what are the new technologies that are gaining prevalence in the industry ?

Notes on the assignment (PLEASE READ THESE CAREFULLY a They will help you to improve your work):

The word limit for the assignment is 2500 words (excluding the Reference List), which should not be exceeded.

You must please include a word count (which will not include the Reference List) at the end of your assignment.

A wide range of reading should be done from journals and credible business sources.

In other words, this coursework requires you to undertake secondary research using relevant sources including academic peer-reviewed journals such as the following: International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics management, Journal of Enterprise Information Management. N.B. There are many more peer-reviewed journals that deal with operations management issues.

You may also wish to consult leading practitioner/professional journals such as Harvard Business Review, and California Management Review. N.B. There are many more.

You should draw upon your personal research done at the library and the recommended reading and material covered throughout the module. Please reference all of your research sources carefully using the Harvard Referencing System. Please ensure that you cite all your references within the text using the Harvard method and at the end of your account include all references in a Reference List. (N.B. Only references that you have cited in your work should be included in the Reference List. You should NOT also include a Bibliography. One complete Reference List is what is required. )

A key term in the assignment requirements (see above) is a?evaluationa?. This assignment is not meant to be a descriptive piece of work, but one in which you gather evidence to make an informed judgement about a?how these key developments are contributing to (or have the potential to contribute to) improving effectivenessa?. This means not just looking for evidence of the success of the key developments you have chosen, but also noting any failures/limitations or other challenges that might be experienced with them.

Initiative should be shown in researching the topic, and theory should link with practice.

The developments in operations design or practice that you identify need not be the same for each industry. In other words, you can choose different developments for each industry. However, please bear in mind that overall you should not choose too many developments to report on. Too many and you will not be able to attain the depth of examination or evaluation required for the higher grades.

There is not set structure (i.e. sub-headings) for this assignment, however your work should be clearly structured with what you believe are appropriate sub-headings. The scene should be set with a brief but clear introduction and the work should then follow and flow logically, culminating in your conclusions.