Operations Management)One way of considering an organisation is as an operating system which converts resources into goods and/or services.

Assignment title:

One way of considering an organisation is as an operating system which converts resources into goods and/or services.

The role of the Operations Manager in this conversion process includes:_

” Maximising the efficiency of the overall process and its component sub-processes

” Managing the capacity required to execute the conversion process at minimum cost

” Managing the quality of the outputs of the conversion process.

For each of the above roles:-

Discuss the objectives of the manager s task, describing how his success (or otherwise) can impact upon the well being of the organisation and highlight the operational concepts and the tools and techniques available to the operations manager in achieving these objectives.

15. Assessment criteria for coursework

The following criteria will be adopted when assessing this assignment:-

” The author s understanding of the issues raised by the question Expressed in terms of appropriate arguments and the maturity of discussion in the report

” The level of research conducted in compiling the report  Demonstrated through the use of references to appropriate authoritative sources.

” The quality of the report


” Please type the assignment using double-line spacing and give the number of words at the end. Type on one side of the page only and fasten assignment by stapling at top left hand corner.

20. Reading and resources list this help you in this assignment

Core Text:

Slack, N., Chambers, S., Johnston, R. (2004) Operations Management 4th Ed. FT Prentice Hall

Key Texts:

Wild, R., (1999) Production and Operations Management 5th Ed, Cassell

Vollmann, T.E., Berry, W.L., Whybark. D.C., (1997) Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems, Irwin/McGraw Hill

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Journal List

The following Journals are appropriate to the module and will contain further

articles which you may find helpful:

” The International Journal of Operations and Production Management

” Benchmarking  An International Journal