Oping with Trauma (Compare/Contrast paper)

This is a compare contrast paper (Academic Style) (I am comparing two essays).
I have a draft of the paper. However, it is an awful one. Also, I have Professors commentaries about this paper and things that I have to change…

Here is some information about the paper:
Paper genre: Comparison/Contrast -Academic Style
Genre objective: Parallel organization and discussion of examples significance

1. Parallel organization of paragraphs
2. discussion of the significance of examples (analysis)
3. no use of I”
4. Introduction including the thesis and supporting areas
5. include authors full names in introduction and the titles of their essays
6. parallel sentence structure
7. effective transitions, both between paragraphs and between sentences
8. topic sentences must accurately cover paragraph
9. use quotations to support all or most of your points
10. have quotation early in paragraph, so you have plenty of room to discuss it