Opmuter Forensics on file system, emails, or registry

Introductionbr /
Computer Forensics involves scientifically examining and analyzing data from computer storage media so that the data can be used as evidence in court. br /
br /
Deliverablesbr /
1. data acquisition on a computer hard disk 2. evaluation of its limitations 3. physical and logical analysis of its file system, emails, or registry information and collection of the evidence. 4. investigation reportbr /
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You are required to prepare a document that can be used as a basis for your final year project specification proposal.br /
You should include:br /
a? A Project Title page, an Abstract and a Contents page The Abstract is a one page, at most, summary of the work you have carried out and appears after the title page and before the contents page The coursework must include a contents page that references the numbered sections, and any numbered sub sections, of this coursework and matches the page numbering in the courseworkbr /
a? Introduction In this section you should give an introduction and background to your project. br /
a? Aims In this section explain in general terms what you intend to achieve by the end of the project.br /
a? Objectives and associated Deliverables In this section you should identify specific objectives of the project and the associated deliverables. You should have 4 or 5 specific main objectives to your project, but each of these can be broken down into sub-objectivesbr /
a? Project plan a . This should indicate what process model you intend to use, e.g. a waterfall or iterative model, and why you have chosen the specific model. You should then include a timeline chart, for example a Gantt Chart The timeline chart should show the time estimates for each stage of the specific process model you are following , starting in late September 2014 and finishing by early May 2015br /
a? Legal, Social, Ethical and Professional Issues Describe these in relation to your project. In particular: Recognize the legal, social , ethical and professional issues involved in the exploitation of computer technology and be guided by the adoption of appropriate professional , ethical and legal practices.”br /
a? Technical Skills a Discuss the technical skills needed for the project and indicate whether you already have these. If you do have the required skills, describe from what modules you gained them and to what level. If you do not yet have the required technical skills indicate how you will learn thembr /
a? Bibliography In this section, give a list of books which will provide a starting point in your literature survey.br /
a? References a