Options of Social inequality (comepare & contrast)

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Im dealing with social inequality and will provide you some ppt or articles to help you understand the materials. I need clear thesis and your thoughtful opinion in conclusion.
You can choose one among two options following:
1. Compare and contrast the a?industrial laddera? labor market and the a?hourglassa? labor market, making sure to discuss TWO reasons for the change in shapes and role of formal education and skills in employment for each.

2. Portes & Rumbaut, in their theory of a?segmented assimilationa? outlined in Legacies, argue that both class and race are important for predicting whether the children of immigrants will end up assimilating a?downwarda? or into the middle class. Discuss their theories for how both class and race influence outcomes for the second generation.

Please let me know which one you would like to work so that I can provide some materials.
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