Or Audit Course: Analysis of PCAOB Docket 029, Release No.2013-009

Hello, I hope you have any professional writer with understanding of audit procedures, because this paper is for Audit course. It happens that I already had first submission of this order, but we have 2 submissions for this paper. For my first submission, I was ordering this paper from another writer, and I didnt like the paper much, but didnt have time to fix it, and as a result, of course I received a bad grade. Please find Submission 1 file in attachment (with notes from professor, about what was wrong and what need to be changed). Basically, the paper dont have clear arguments, very looong sentences, too broad, author didnt specify, is he opposed or for this new reproposed rule, didnt take any position, which was very important. I want you to read original instructions in attachment, follow given links with reproposed rule and comment letters to support your arguments, and fix the first submitted paper. Some parts youll need to completely rewrite. But I need you to stay at least close to original first submission, I can not submit in my final completely different paper. But it must be argumented and professor want to see clear position For or Against. The Reproposed rule and comment letters take time to review, and my instructions are complex, and its not much time, I understand that. But its extremely important for me to get good grade for this paper. Let me know if I need to pay anything extra, but please VERY CAREFULLY follow the instructions and his comments on my first submission. Be very clear in your arguments, and please no long-long sentences…. Find complete set of requirements in attachment and professors recommendations on power point slides after our first submission. Also in Scanned submission 1, you can see grading rubric and where I lost points. Last thing, I need only 900 words, NO MORE! Even I ordered 1000! Be careful, professor really taking points for that!