Or Bachelor of Business Level Module: Organisation Competition and Environment

1) Open and read the file named  Instruction OCE A2.zip first.
2) Then, open and read the .zip files named,  MUST-REDO papers

The assignment must contain:
1) Cover page (I will do it by myself)
2) Content page(s) with a list of headings and page numbers, which is excluded from 5,000 words. Note that your compilation should include a content page, a separate divider for the two tasks, and a content page for the second task.
3) Task 1 2,500 words; Task 2 2,500 words
Total (for this assignment) is 5,000 words. Do spread words count equal.
4) Page of references at least 6 references for each task, which is excluded from 5,000 words. Total is at least 12 references.
5) If there are organizational charts, Gantt charts, menu, tables, etc., all of them must be in page of Appendixes (which is excluded from 5,000 words).

- Read through the re-do papers as a guideline, but do NOT follow them. Because you should edit the whole papers again.
- Must be your own words at least 90%. Be aware of plagiarism!
- In-text references are required
- Follow what the instruction asks you to do carefully e.g. write a letter form  should contain date, address, name, etc.
- Do NOT copy what the first writer has done before, as you can see in each  MUST-REDO papers file.


-Identify the objectives and purposes of organization.

Assessment Criteria
1) Explain the different market structure.
2) Use three different examples to illustrate the relationship between market forces and organizational responses.
3) Explain the possible ways that an organization may gain competitive advantage.

-Explore the significance of the European dimension for UK based organizations.

Assessment Criteria
1) Explain the features of the European Union.
2) Identify two policies of the European Union and analyze the impact on a UK-based organization.
3) Analyze the arguments for and against UK entry into European Monetary Union.
4) Analyze the challenges and opportunities to UK businesses of enlargement of EU member states.


[Instruction  read carefully!]


Your good friend who was successful marketing manager in fast-moving-consumer-goods retail business for more than five years is moving to back to UK. He/she has accepted a job offer as marketing communication officer in Kerry Ultrasonic Limited, based in Hertfordshire, England. The company has been manufacturing ultrasonic cleaning systems for over 50 years and offers a comprehensive range of standard products along with customized and specialist bespoke systems. Kerry employs over 50 people and had sales for the year ended April 2003 of GBP 5.0 millions.


Write a letter (NOT report!) to your friend and advise him on the following:
- The possible differences in the market structure of your current and previous products.
- The possible organizational responses from sources informing him; that one of the product line (A) income elasticity is -2 (10% decline in income), and another if the product line (B) price elasticity is 1.2 (10% decline in price of product line B) and possibility of an interest in horizontal integration in the next six month.
- The possible ways that the organization might gain competitive advantage.


Your friend have also been told that he/she would also be responsible for the European region especially those countries who are in the European Union (EU).

Continue in your letter advising friend on the following:
- Explain the features of the European Union and analyze the arguments for and against UK entry into the European Monetary Union.
- Identify two policies (explain any 2 pillars) of EU and analyze the impact on the organization.
- Analyze the challenges and opportunities to the organization of the enlargement of EU member states.