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Persuasive Research Paper Topic:
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commision (EEOC) prosecutes and fines businesses that require employees to speak English at the workplace. Should private sector employers have the ritht to require employees to speak English at the workplace? Should each state have the right to require that public employees speak English? Should Congress pass the Official English bill, which would establish English as our nations official language?

Here is an example of the layout.

Persuasive Research Paper


Every employee deserves the opportunity to achieve his or her own potential, and to work and live in an environment that values human dignity and is free of discrimination. Each one of us plays a key role in creating and maintaining this kind of working and living climate.

I. What are the advantages?
a. Opponents saya¦
b. Buta¦.

II. What are the challenges?
a. Opponents saya¦
b. But…

III. What tools are required? What do we need to do?
a. Opponents saya¦
b. But…


-At least 6 pages of written text, not counting appropriate front and end matter, and
-Typed, double-spaced with 12-point font, one inch margins
-Formatted according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological
-Incorporate at least 6-8 sources (a combination of traditional paper sources, library
database sources, Internet sources, and primary research, such as interviews),
documented according to the APA style
-Free from spelling, punctuation, or usage errors

The paper should be directed clearly to general readers but should focus on an
argumentative topic