Or one destination of your choice, analyse how fiction and film influence destination image.

Assessment format

You should prepare a report that is a maximum of 2,000 words and the word limit must not be exceeded, which includes all the text but excludes the list of references at the end and also the appendices. The report must be fully and appropriately referenced using the Harvard system of referencing, with citing in the text of the sources of evidence to support your arguments. This includes giving the specific page number of direct quotes. You must include at the end a full and accurate list of references used and consulted.

Assessment criteria

Marks are awarded out of 100. For further details on the assessment of key graduate attributes and skills (i.e. assessed skills elements) and related criteria, please refer to the accompanying feedback sheet. In addition, the work must:

1. be presented to a good standard and word-processed to the following specification: double-spaced and a minimum of 11 font size;
2. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of relevant concepts, theories, issues and trends;
3. show an ability to interpret and use relevant evidence;
4. show analytical skills by applying theory to understand the practical case study; and,
5. Communicate effectively arguments and supporting conclusion.