Or Persian War and Peloponnesian War. Choose one was the defining moment in Greek history.

In his introduction, Thucydides states that he believes the Peloponnesian War was the defining moment in Greek history and many modern historians agree with his assessment. However others argue that the Persian Wars were Greeceas defining moment. Is Thucydides justified in saying that the Peloponnesian Wars were the most important or do you believe that it was the Persian Wars? Why?
ps: MUST choose a side a the Persian Wars or the Peloponnesian Wars and defend your choice with THREE reasons.
And answer the question completely in a well-organized, coherent essay. About 5 paragraphs in length.
Please never copy others work, use quote and paraphrase and make sure cite the quote or paraphrase at the end of the sentence with the page number in parenthesis.
Finally, make sure the cite part in the end of the essay. Thx.