Or the sake of your health, dont eat pork.

Eight references are given (General encyclopedias (including Wikipedia), dictionaries and non-scholarly sources do not count; only two Internet sources may be used for credit)

At least two, but not more than three main points (I., II., III.) are included.

Two or more sub-points (A. and B.) are included under each main point.
Section transitions are written between each of your main points.
Two or more supporting material sentences (1., 2., 3.) are included under each sub-point in the body of the speech.
Use a variety of kinds of supporting material or evidence: verbal (anecdotes, comparisons, contrasts, examples, hypothetical examples, quotations/expert opinion); statistical (rounded off numbers, averages, percentages, trends); visual (drawings, photographs, maps, objects, models, charts, graphs, video clips) Try to use types from all three kinds.