Or this assignment you are asked to first select ONE of the following topics to investigate

Assignment Brief

For this assignment you are asked to first select ONE of the following topics to investigate.

Either.... Essay Topic A

Choose either Incentive Travel or Corporate Hospitality. Identify what you consider to be the key future trends affecting this sector of the Business Tourism industry. Critically discuss how Scotland is positioned to face the challenges and/or capitalise on the opportunities these trends present.
OR.... Essay Topic B

Business tourists and Leisure tourists often stay in the same hotels, yet their needs are usually quite different. Identify a specific hospitality service provider and critically discuss how they aim to differentiate their products to specifically target Business clients.

OR..... Essay Topic C

 Within the next 5 to 10 years, video conferencing will replace a significant amount of business travel. Critically discuss this statement and comment on the potential impacts for destination managers who rely on the Business travel market. Illustrate your answer with reference to specific examples.

Then.... What you have to do is..

 Undertake the necessary research using a range of sources. Include in your references at least 2 references in each of the following categories:
” essential or recommended text book,
” conference paper,
” academic journal
” appropriate websites (Wikipedia is NOT an appropriate website)
 Write an individual Essay of approximately 2000 words (+/10%). That addresses the issues and/or question raised in your essay choice.
 Please see the marking scheme below and also refer to the grading criteria in your module handout.
 Deadline for submission for ALL students is 12:00 noon Friday 17 December 2010. This is the last day of trimester 1 the day you break up for the Christmas holiday!
 Additional guidance will be given during tutorial sessions. You are also encouraged to seek guidance from the services of the Effective Learning Tutor who can help with essay structure and style.
Assessment Guidelines

The assignment should be fully referenced according to the Harvard system if you do not know what this means, you should follow the library links from the Conference & Business Tourism Blackboard site.

It must be word processed in one-and-a-half line spacing and in the form of an essay.

Essays are normally a continuous piece of writing, split into paragraphs to discuss the points being made, rather than lots of headings and side headings. It is not normal to have additional supporting documents in the form of Appendices, It is expected that you will provide a comprehensive and accurate list of references. More guidance on essay format will be given in tutorial sessions.

You should make sure that your work is submitted anonymously, with the appropriate forms completed as required. Please ensure that you keep a copy of your work.

Word limit: 2,000. Excessive brevity or length will be penalised. 10% either way is acceptable.

Securely staple the essay in one corner it is not necessary to put it in a folder or plastic wallet.

Late submission and plagiarism will be penalised according to course/University regulations  see student handbook and student services website for details.

All written assignments for this module must be submitted by 12 noon on the submission date, and deposited in the appropriate coursework box as detailed below No other form of submission is acceptable except in cases agreed in advance, with the Module Co-ordinator.

Essay Marking Criteria

Structure and Style

Introduction, aims of essay identified,
Logical development focused on aims
Conclusion  reflecting on aims/purpose of the response
Clarity of expression / effectiveness of communication of message


Evidence of knowledge through identification of key issues,
Appropriate use of quotes, stating facts and/or figures and description of examples.

Discussion, Analysis and Evaluation

Evidence of understanding through reflection on and discussion of issues identified. Analysis of examples through eg comparisons with each other and/or evaluation in relation to accepted theory. Attempts have been made at original/critical thinking.

Wider Reading and Referencing

Illustrations / examples are integrated into arguments showing evidence of additional complementary reading. Appropriate use of literature and referencing.

only from books and articles not from the internet