Or this assignment you are required to write a feature piece about one of the statements provided below.

1.The 2020 olympics should be held in a african country OR
2.Technology should be used in football.

This assignment should be written in a article format.
This piece should discuss the role of sport in journalism from political, cultural and economic perspectives. it should analyse sport as a media spectacle in both historical and cultural context, and assess relevance of sport related experiences, policies and initiatives.

The finished article must apply editorial (journalistic) argument in the production of news and report on a sports event. You must include 1st copy and edited copy along with finished piece. You must show evidence of research.
Maximum word limit is 1000 words and know more.

i ” i are neatly presented;
i ” i are clearly structured;
i ” i are correctly referenced throughout;
i ” i demonstrate a good range of reading and a clear understanding of the material;
i ” i show some independence of thought and/or research in their discussion;
i ” i provide a critical discussion of ideas and readings;
i ” i answer all aspects of the question.