Or this assignment, you are to find an article on epidemiology in the news

For this assignment, you are to find an article on epidemiology in the news and write a 250to 350-word summary about it. The article should not be from a professional source; instead, it needs to be a source accessible to and written for a lay audience. Sources can include but are not limited to online magazines, online newspapers, and health news Web sites.

For your summary, discuss how this article reports the epidemiological concepts you have learned so far during this course. For example, what information is reported about measures of disease frequency? How about descriptive epidemiology? What information is not included that would be helpful to know?


Often times, articles of epidemiology in the news would be copied or taken directly from a medical journal and much information is therefore available.

I would strongly recommend you provide the following information in a structured format.
Outline of Structured Summary:

Reference: Type the reference in the style currently used by U.S. medical journals.

Objective: Indicate the research question that the study was intended to investigate.

Design: Design of the study.

Participants: Describe the participants in the study, the population from which they were selected, and how they were selected. (Note: Some papers do not give all of the information that we might want on this topic. Succinctly summarize the information that the authors have given us, and indicate important information that was not given.)

Intervention: State any intervention if applicable.

Outcome variable Endpoints: Describe the main outcome variables.

Results: Describe the effects of exposure on outcome.

Conclusions: What did the authors infer from these results?

Make sure to include the articles URL as a reference in your posting .