Or this assignment, you will write an analysis essay.

For this assignment, you will write an analysis essay. However, you will choose one of the following options:
a?Synthesis Activity #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, page 615
a?Synthesis Activity #7, #8, page 616
a?Synthesis Activity #13, page 617

Length: 1000 -1200 words (essays over 1200 words will not be graded), not including the title, Works Cited/Reference page, appropriate headings, and so on.

Font: 12 pica font (Times New Roman or Arial)

Format: Follow appropriate MLAor APA-style formatting requirements.

Grading Criteria: Thesis, Development, Organization, Language Skills, and APA or MLA documentation and format.

Even though the essays will use sources from our textbook, a Works Cited page (MLA) or a References page (APA) is required. You will need to cite the sources you use, but NOT the ads or commercials (As I will explain in class, these will be introduced in the essays body.). As with the first essay, sources outside your textbook are not permitted–use the sources your chosen prompt suggests. Conducting outside research will result in an Fon this essay. You may, however, use print or commercial advertisements outside our textbook