Or Urban Life Class video assignment(see instructions of the order)

My professor said I should include these things in my paper. However, I did not want you to do the revision again. Therefore, I created a new order for editing for you. He told me I should mention why it is important for us, which is the generation isnt too far away having kid worried about the low fertility rate. Also make want to talk about how we make sure that have enough people to fullfill the job of those that are about the retire. Furthermore, what should be done instead of cutting down the pension. That will be all I want to add in my paper also please make sure there is not grammar mistakes. There is no limited for sources, you can use as much as you can.

Or Urban Life Class video assignment(see instructions of the order)

This is a video report assignment. There are 3 parts of this assignment.
(First part) I need to select a video that enriches my understanding of one or more topics in my URBAN LIFE course. (COURSE description attach belowi?0 However, since I want you to have more choice about the video. I will let you to CHOOSE one video but as what I am prefer please find something relate to the population( the decline of the birthrate cause problem.Example: when we present the video, no matter how long it is only 4 mins of the video will be present so please when you find the video also please help me to choose the 4 mins you think will be important for the whole video). I will count this as 1 page writing.

(Second part) And then 1 page, no cover sheet, include the name and web address of the chosen video. Include one paragraph briefly describing the videos content and a second one justifying your choice based on its enrichment of something covered in class and readings or the filling of a gap in the material that you think is important to cover. Actually I am goona to use this page when I am present the video in front of the class.

(Third Part) And then write a report present the video with an explanation of its relevance( example: what s the report about, reference, how it links into the class), 2 page. Therefore, the total I am going to pay will be 4 page, but you ONLY NEED to mail me 3 page of writing.

COURSE description:
In this course, we will explore urban areas around the world with a special emphasis on the Americas and more specifically the USA (Washington DC plus) and Mexico (Mexico City plus). But weall wander around Rio, Curitiba, Havana, Lima, Santa Cruz, Bangkok, Lagos, and elsewhere. The explorations will be based upon readings, viewings, and discussions with class members and perhaps a guest or two. I want students to become acquainted with the varieties of urban life around the world and the challenges many urban areas (or sub-areas, e.g., neighborhoods) face as urbanization and urban growth increasingly characterize global demographic change. And I want students to think, a?That city is interesting; Iad like to go there,a? and have experience in crossing cultures.
This course has at least two goals: The first is to know more about urban life here and elsewhere. As we explore, weall give consideration to social justicea that is, how space and other resources display a significant difference among haves and have-nots, and how race and ethnicity correlate with the haves and have-nots. The second goal is for us to have new understandings about how urban life a?worksa? and works differently in the USA, Mexico, and around the world. The working may improve the quality of life of all urban dwellers, or only some of them. If some, then why? Social justice? A socially just society is understands and values human rights, and recognizes the dignity of every human being. Social justice happens when a person or group of persons do not harbor prejudices (conscious or otherwise) that are detrimental to peaceful and productive relationships among individuals or groups. Social justice favors equality of opportunity.

I know this thing looks complicated therefore I will keep updating the order so if you get something confuse, please contact me.