Or what purposes does Isabel Allende attribute magical realism qualities to Clara in The House of the Spirits?

A: Selection of the Aspect and its Treatment
The achievement level for this criterion is determined primarily by the treatment of ideas,
not the selection of the aspect.
A? How well has the candidate defined the aspect chosen?
A? How appropriate is the aspect chosen to the assignment?
A? How well has the aspect chosen been explored in relation to the assignment?
A? To what extent has the candidate expressed a relevant personal response?
Clearly defined aspect followed by a highly appropriate treatment of ideas
# the aspect chosen is highly appropriate to the assignment
# the aspect chosen has a specific and relevant focus
# the ideas show independence of thought and their treatment is highly relevant to the
aspect chosen.

B: Knowledge and Understanding of Work(s)
A? How well does the candidate know the work(s) studied?
A? How much understanding has the candidate shown of the work(s) studied in relation
to the assignment?
A? To what extent does the candidate appreciate the cultural setting relevant to the
assignment, where appropriate?

Excellent understanding of the work(s) studied
# in-depth knowledge of, and very good insight into, the aspects of the work(s) most
relevant to the assignment
# meaningful and perceptive linking of works, where appropriate
# excellent appreciation of the cultural setting relevant to the assignment, where

C: Presentation
Levels 3-5 are awarded only to candidates who have remained within the prescribed
A? How effectively has the candidate presented the assignment?
A? How precise and relevant are the candidateA­s references?
A? How detailed and meaningful is the statement of intent provided, where appropriate?
A? Has the candidate remained within the prescribed word-limit?
The formal structure and/or development of ideas are highly effective
# purposeful and effective structure to the assignment
# precise and highly pertinent references to the work(s)
# where appropriate, the statement of intent is clear, detailed and highly relevant
# the candidate has remained within the prescribed word-limit.

D: Language
A? How clear is the candidateA­s written expression?
A? How well has the candidate observed the conventions of written work?
(The conventions of written work relate to elements such as paragraphing, grammar,
spelling, citation of references.)
A? How appropriate is the register selected by the candidate for the particular
(Register refers, in this context, to the candidateA­s sensitivity to elements such as
the vocabulary, tone, sentence structure and idiom appropriate to the task.)
Excellent use of appropriate language
# the register is highly effective and appropriate for the assignment selected
# careful attention is given to the conventions of written work
# clarity, consistency and fluency of style.