Or your argument essay, you must produce an essay that argues for one side of a contentious issue on childrens literature

For your argument essay, you must produce a text of 750 -1000 words that argues for one side of a contentious issue. You will want to consider one major counterargument as part of your essay, and form your rebuttal accordingly. While you are welcome to include emotional appeals in this essay, your main source of support should be in rational arguments justifying your position on the issue.

In the case of this essay, the topics are broader, but you are welcome to use sources of your own, to help support your arguments. The purpose of this project is to get you to learn to lasso emotions in order to present a clear, logical argument about an issue without reverting to personal attacks on those with differing viewpoints.

On the following page is a list of possible topics for your essay. You can choose to agree or disagree with the statement. The final topic is completely open. Make sure that in your essay you duplicate or paraphrase the statement rather than starting with something like a?I disagree with this statement becausea¦.a?

Ideas for essay

1. Too many childrens movies have as a plot or subplot a romantic union between a male and female.

2. While children should rightly be shielded from certain concepts in books and film, adults should not try to shelter them from everything that might frighten them.

3. There are too few female heroes in childrens media.

4. Childrens movies do not often enough represent minority groups, or else they represent them in ways that reinforce stereotyping.

5. It is important that some childrens stories do not have happy endings: in life not all situations end in happiness.

6. Toy Story is essential viewing for anyone/ Gina should watch Toy Story. (Okay, this is more of a persuasive essay than a sheer argument essay, but I promised I would include it among the topics.)

7. Childrenas stories help foster compassion for animals.

8. Childrenas stories have become too cynical and realistic.

9. Childrenas entertainment has become too focused on marketing and merchandising opportunities and lost sight of what is important.

10. Create an assertive statement of your own choosing and write an essay that supports your side of the issue.