Or your final paper you are to write a three-page, double spaced, essay on the aesthetics of the following film: Maqbool

Focus on what you identify as the key differences in aesthetics between the film you choose to discuss and Hollywood films of similar genre. Happy Together, In The Mood For Love, and Chungking Express are films about the trials and eccentricities of love; Throne of Blood, Black Orpheus, Maqbool, All About My Mother, and Volver are films about destiny and human conscience haunted by past experiences and future desires. These are subjects or issues discussed in many Hollywood films, including some that we have covered in class this semester. Yet the ways in which these issues are tackled or represented in Hollywood and non-Hollywood cinema are very different. In your essay, bring up at least three key differences that you identify and discuss your ideas about how and why these differences take place. Think particularly about cultural differences that you notice, as well as differences in performances of gender, representations of violence, and representations of community/society. Which of the two aesthetic styles do you prefer and why? (Stating that you donat like reading subtitles is not an option.) What, if any, are the ways in which Hollywood and nonHollywood styles or aesthetics might be combined to make films that appeal to the masses, as it were, while remaining intellectually and emotionally provocative?