Orce or Consent, what should be the formal requirment for law of rape?A comparative study of law of rape in sweden and UK.

Iam suppose to write an thesis on swedish law, however must also compare it to the english law of rape. I have narrowed it down to only rape as the sexuall offences would be to long otherwise. With rape i means also rape on children.
I should have an analysis in the end of the paper followed by a little summary.

It should be in size 12, with a 1,5 line spacing. It said that you write about 250 word per page, is it possible to make at least 300-350 words/page?

I would like the oxford referencing system, with footnotes and a bibliography matchin the footnotes in the end.
Hi, here are some references I would like you to use, but of course much more is needed, specially for the english part.

> Hradoliva Selin, Klara., Valdtakt mot personer 15 ar eller aldre, 1995-2006)”
>Leijonhufvud, Madeleine., Samtyckesutredningen: Lagskydd for den sexuella integriteten”
>Andersson, Ullrika., Hans (ord) eller Hennes?”
> Western, Peter., (2004)The logic of consent: The diversity and deceptiveness of consent as a defense to criminal conduct”
>Case law
>The Code of conduct
>BrottBalken, en kommentar., Del 1(1-12kap)

*I put down 10 further references, but i trust your judgment, you might not even need that much. I would need everything about the english law, SOA 2003. And also Journals and articles, couldnt find anything, but there should be loads out there. specially swedish one as the topic is a very discussed one these days.