Orces and their worldwide effects and their possiblities

This essay is based on a Western civilization 2 class that is focused on western civilization primarily around the 19th century onward. In addition, please, it is very important to use proper MLA format. This essay is derived from three questions that should be answered thoroughly. The paper should be divided into sections based on the question being answered and with the question at the beginning of each section. Below are examples with the actual questions.
Example: Question 1: In what ways are forces pulling the world together? How do these forces compare with those dividing the world? Explain.
Forces like Industrialization, nationalism, globalization were influential in pulling the world together. In the 19th century, prior to industrialization, many people lived and worked isolation, hence the cottage industry. However, due to Industrialization, many migrated into cities from various walks of life in search of employment. Globalization, allowed for many to come in close contact with others due to trade and many were influenced due to colonization by their rulers some example are…
Question 2: How has the trend of Globalization influenced identity?

Question 3: Compare the current inclination toward economic integration and globalization and the continuing divisiveness of nationalism. Which do you think will be most powerful in years to come?