Orchester Collection: Company Overview and Media Relations Strategy


I am required to write about the Dorchester Collections media coverage in relation to many different aspects of the way in which they handle press releases.

It must first begin with an outline of the company
moving on to an analysis of the company

Then a description of the different forms of media relations they use
these must be described and analyzed (emphasis on the analysis)
who is the target audience
which types of media do they use and in what frequency
This must then be critically evaluated
do they do it well? if not how can they improve

Crisis Management is the next topic
explain a crisis
i recomened the boycotts based on the Sultan of Bruneis treatment of homosexuals
how did they deal with crisis
this must also be analyzed and critically evaluated

A media Coverage proposal must be outlined
this can be of any type but it must follow the guidelines listed in the project outline

I will be attaching a project outline to the next form which details a comphrensive outline on what the exact criteria is.
All bullet points must be touched on and described
Again an emphasis on the analysis is what is important

Thank You
It is Much appreciated,

Marcantonio Mei

Added on 20.04.2015 11:23
I have attached the detailed project outline below
Pleases follow this format and touch on all required topics.

Thank You,