Ore concept needed to be an effective youth worker

Topic: A wholisitic consideration of competencies needed to be an effective worker in community youth development and leadership.
What sort of applications can be used and applied to the participant(s) services contexts, with the consideration of Now what

You can use as many resources as needed.
If prior essays help you with this feel free to use some of the info for this paper.

Perhaps some of these questions can be some some brainstorming ideas….
What are some of the types of programs or servies do most of these organizations offer to community youth?
How do they describe the youth that most programs serve: ie age, race, culture, economics, social status etc.
what sort of prcesses do most programs use to determine the needs of youth in the communnity?
what do they look for in determining whoto hire for a youth program that they may run?
what is thier most successful youth program or servcies that is offered and why such success?

Hope this helps…feel free to contact me should you have any further questions.
Paper is due 3/14/08 will that be enough time for you? Let me know, if not i can ask for an extention.
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