Ore Humanities (American Experiences and Constitutional Change), Reading Response and Essay

This is both reading response and essay type of work. My order consists of 15 assignments plus 7 other Reading Response assignments. There are 6 books that must be read and 2 videos named  Elmer Gantry and  The Misfits must be watched in order to complete this order. The books are as follows:

1) Brinkley, The Unfinished Nation, Fourth Edition; McGraw-Hill.

2) Andrews, ed., Classic American Autobiographies; Mentor.

3) Casper & Davies, eds., Five Hundred Years: Exploring American Traditions, Third Edition; Simon & Schuster. (Referred to in assignment description as  Traditions. )

4) Casper & Davies, eds., Of Sagebrush and Slot Machines: This Curious Place Called Nevada; Simon & Schuster Custom Publishing. (Referred to in assignment description as  Nevada. )

5) Welch, James, Fools Crow

6) West, Nathaniel, The Day of the Locust

Assignments 15 to 28 are all reading response and some short answer type of questions. For each of the answering type of questions a minimum of five to eight sentences with a developed and detailed answer is required. No other sources should be used for the reading response and essay questions other than the books mentioned above. Also, regularly usually after every other assignment you will be required to prepare a one-page, one-paragraph, typed, double-spaced (225 250 words) response to one of several questions you will have been given . The last assignment (29) is an essay type of work and the video  The Misfits must be watched. For this assignment a five-page essay addressing the questions mentioned in the assignment description should be written. Again no outside sources should be used. Please read the instructions that Ill upload for more details. For your consideration, an example of a good,  A response will be uploaded. Ill upload the assignments descriptions and the required pages of the books as soon as possible. I will not upload the required pages of the books 5 and 6 because my writer has already access to them. Id appreciate it if youd indicate the number of assignments and questions when completing this order.