Orecast for automobile business in Taiwan

Dear Sirs,
My order no. 13375 is still doing the revision. Now I am going to put my 2nd order which is for chapter 5 and part of chapter 2. Pls. give this order to the same person so that he knows how to connect all of this dissdrtation. Tks.
Below is my requierment for this new order:

*CH 2 Automobile industry in Taiwan
2.5 Short term sales analysis :I need around 300 words(around 1.2 pages) to do this section.

2.6 Impact of macro-economic variables :This section will be relate to regression analysis which you havent done anything for me earlier.Today you wrote me that you are going to do this part as soon as possible. So, pls. write about all the variables which you will use for chapter 3 and chapter 4. And what are the impact of these variables. I need around 450 words(around 1.8 pages)

So, totally I need 3 pages for these 2 sections (section 2.5 and 2.6, I need around 750 words. Tks.)

In Chapter 5, I need 2 pages (around 500 words) since you helped me to do chapter 4. So, pls. write the conclusions and recommendations refer to all of your data analysis in chapter 4.
(500 words2 pages)

If there is any further question about this new order. Pls. dont e-mail me just at last minute. Pls. let me know soonest since you know its nearly my deadline now.

I will put another order for chapter 3.However, you havent catch my supervisors comment for chapter 4 so I am still waiting for your revision. So, pls. try your best to finish it soonest so that I can show my supervisor. After he agrees with chapter 4, I will put the order for chapter 3 soonest. Tks.
Pls. do check with your company to get all the files you havnt got. It will be very helpful for your revision.
Tks again for all of your favor.

By the way, can you pls. give me all of your references so that i can add into my references..Tks a lot.