Orecast of Demand for Sun Chlorella food supplements and delivery in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe , supplier company point of view

Hello there,
This paper is continue of my proposal of my project for this class. It is Operations Management, Global Operations.
My proposal that i already created is about a company that is trying to become the main supplier of Sun-Chlorella food supplements products for Bulgaria, Eastern Europe.
This paper is suppose to be research paper about the forecast of demand that my company in Bulgaria has about the market and delivery services for Sun Chlorella products.
The main reference is the book Operations Management-Creating Value Along the Supply Chain, Ed.6.by Russell, Roberta S., Virginia Tech; Taylor, Bernard W.
Specifically chapter 12 Forecasting. Basically i have to describe the forecast of this company that is trying to become main supplier for Sun Chlorella food supplements products in Bulgaria, also i have to represent the methods that i used, elements of the forecast, strengths of the company. This company is not real, but the name of it that i used for my proposal was Apricus LTD .
This topic is really specific and a little complicated because of the resources limit, but here are additional instructions about coming from my professor:
Research and develop the proposed forecast for your product and service. You should discuss the key factors addressed in your forecast and the methods used to develop the forecast. This should be a three to five page section of your project. In addition, you should present your requirements for the process necessary to deliver your product or service based on this forecast.”
Please let me know if you have any additional questions, my contact information is listed above.