Orecasting and Business Analysis (Statistics Assignment)

Forecasting and Business Analysis
(Statistics Assignmentexcel/report)

a? This assignment is Statistical in nature in which the writer would be a statistical analyst in discipline. Both the excel formulas and the report are needed not just the Report.

a? The main body of your report, including an executive summary of 100 words, should not exceed 1200 words. The appendix of your report does not count for this limit.

a? Create the business report, in which you will document and discuss the results of your analysis. Your report should include the following items:

An executive summary (100)
Introduction to the problem Justifications and discussions of methodologies(400-500) Evaluation of results and discussions of limitations (400-500) Conclusions (200-300)

a? First 2 sources to need to be Undergraduate Econometrics (Hill,Griffiths, Judge) Second Edition and Analysis of Economic Data(Gary Koop) Third Edition. Then 3rd and 4th sources are free for you to choose to able able to make the Report of Graduate level.

a? Your report needs to be supported by tables and/or graphs where appropriate