Orecasting sports uing HSM and SSM techniques

Assignment Remit

Having successfully hosted the 2012 European Football Championships in Poland and Ukraine, critically analyse the use of sport as a vehicle for tourism development in Poland, for the foreseeable future.
Utilise an array of statistics in support of your argument.

To satisfy the assignment remit, you should make reference to:

a? Hard and soft system methodology
a? Forecasting methods a including the application of extrapolation techniques
a? Generation of relevant graphs including the application of Pearsonas Coefficient
a? Critical thinking
a? Poland infrastructure
a? European Football Championships 2012 a ticket sales, revenue (TV rights), inbound tourism, GDP, hotel occupancy, social and legacy benefits.
Ps note
A brief intro to Poland and the EURO,
Pearsons Correlation Coefficient, r
Graphs can be included in the main body and a discussion about each graph and a summary
Please include at least 4 graphs each graph must have the r2 value
Use journal articles : brad r Humphreys and Szymon Prokopowicz article on a?assessing the impact of sports mega-events in transition economies: EURO2012 in Poland and Ukraine, wttc has statistic on tourism etc just some examplesa¦thanks