Oreign Direct Investment (Brazil and Argentina)

My Doctor said, you are for example, manager in one of company in your country for example, (Qatar) and you try to invest one of product in Brazil or Argentina so, you should before invest any product in one of these countries you have first of all make studies on these two countries. (look at the information of these two countries that help any investor)
I should make economy compares for Brazil and Argentina (compare)

When you compare please start with Brazil first and then when you finish start with Argentina (I mean the first pages for Brazil and then Argentina (Separate compare)

Have a closer look at these two countries. Review the major characteristics about these countries. And compare between them for example you can look at:

1 Demographic Information.
2 Political system and political risk

3 Business Environment: (( Currency, wages, GDP, population, GDP per capita, Main cities / towns, transportation, Main products and industries

4 Registered businesses (large and small
5 Economic system and characteristics
6 What these countries are famous of
7 Legal system implemented
8 Level of transparency
9 Advantage and Disadvantage of investing in these in each country
10 the raw martial and labor
11 The investment regulation for foreign company
12 The barriers of investing

Others-You can add anything that you think its help, but the compares should includes these above (1-12)

Please start first with brazil then start with Argentina.

Finally, just in 150 words no more
Which country you chose to invest Brazil or Argentina? Why?
And what kind of product you will chose to invest in the country that you chose? Why?

Please, Plagiarism is prohibited. The instructor is going to use safe assign program.
For each paragraph should write reference for each paragraph