Oreign Direct Investment in (FDI) China by opening a second filter factory in China.

I am currently doing a report for my university about a Saudi filter factory in (Saudi Arabia) , my university asked me to research about an opportunity of growth for the Saudi filter factory.

The Saudi factory is manufacturing all types of oil, fuel and air filters for all types of cars, trucks and off road machines. The factory is currently working to its full capacity and its exporting its filters to many countries In Europe, Africa and Asia including China.

Therefore , My Idea is to open a second branch in China by a joint venture with a local Chinese factory for the following reasons:

1. The main factory in (Saudi Arabia) can focus on its existing customers in the Arab Countries and North Africa.
2. To lower the pressure on the main factory.
3. To meet the demand in China for the Saudi Filter factory.
4. To meet the demand in the Asian countries and to find new customers in China.
5. To take the advantage of cheap labour in China which means lower cost of production as the labour cost in Saudi is expensive.
6. To keep the company safe from any environmental, economical or political risk if it happens in Saudi Arabia. So the second factory in China can still supply filters to the company customers.

(The above information is only to give the writer a clear view about the report and the following is the requirements for writing the report. )

The requirement :

My assignment topic : Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) in China by opening a second filter factory in China.

The following is the structure of the report :

1. Introduction: I will write the introduction myself so just leave the introduction for me.
2. Geographical location of China.
3. The Economical situation in China.
4. Environmental situation.
5. Political stability.
6. The Manufacturing industry in China.
7. The automobile industry.(Focus only on manufacturing automobile parts and filters)
8. Discuss the market factors such as market size and expenditure on automobile parts in China, Also, the automobile parts production in China.
9. Foreign direct investment in China ( talk In general about the foreign investment in china and show that China is the world leading country in Manufacturing)
10. The Legal issues of investing in China by a Joint-venture. ( discuss the rules and policies of foreign investment and what is the steps to open a filter factory in china by a Jointventure with a local Chinese factory
11. The distribution channels in China.
12. any other, useful information you think it would be relevant to my topic.
13. Conclusion : by writing the conclusion I want to show that China is a good place to invest and itas a good country for opining a second filter factory.

Note: when you write the report , only use positive information about China and I want to show my university that my Idea of opening a second filter factory in China is a good Idea.

Referencing Requirements:
Reference list : please only use APA 6th edition referencing style for the reference list ,
Also, use in text referencing for Citations by using the APA 6th edition style .

Note: for the resources only use official websites and journal articles, Magazine article, News Papers article, use as much number of sources you need.