Oreign Direct Investment In Turkey And Impact of Emotional Factors

Clearance of aims and objectives,
supporting the aims with evidence from academic literature,
demonstrating of new knowledge added for understanding of the subject area.
clarity of the proposal

Background and Context
demonstrating the necessity of what to be wanted to study.
Adding related references or clear indications of any issues that will add for understanding of critical matters of the chosen subject area.
showing rational offered as to why Turkey should be studied.
Supporting from academic literature
indicating that a?emotionsa are important issues by supporting evidences that I have investigated or established that this is an issue worthy of investigation.

clarity of what specific and measurable aims will be attempted to use in the establishment of the study.
conducting a rational literature reviews to establish a link between the aims and the literature.
Showing the decision process clearly, the nature and notion of FDI, the governmental role and influences on the FDI process, the nature of strategic alliances, and so on.
clear aims and each aim is measurable
to mention why it have been chosen to study Turkey when there are over 30 other countries that you could have chosen. What makes Turkey so special?

establishing rational of approach or how these objectives can be measured.
clarity in study thought
showing literature evidence offered to establish if these objectives have already been attempted by other studies.
showing 5 or 6 key articles that indicate what study propose to investigate is supported by experts in the field.
adding some journals which investigates of FDI or a study on the emotional impact of decision making.
clarity of research methods which might be adopted to meet the objectives,
mode of analysis

Proposed plan of work
offering the substance that call a plan of work.