Oreign Direct Investmest in Pakistan post 9/11

I have attached a word file with all the instructions for now.

In the file, at the bottom I have included a few links to some articles and website which I thought had useful information about the topic.
use them if you find them relevant or if they are academicly correct.

Use as much good information as you can and it should be thouroughly critical and analytical.

Please first do a thorough research about the topic and communicate with me at everything stage.

Please use various sources but I assume you must know it already.

Information from:
State Bank of pakistan
World Bank
Asian Development Bank
WTO ….. could be useful

and many more
jounals and articles, books.

In this the literature review is very important and that is the first thing you should look to do. Please send me a rough literature review of about 2500 words in about 2 weeks thnx.
Good Luck with the work.
Harvard Reference … both In-text and Bibliography