Oreign Investment and Joint Ventures in China

This essay is targeted at a (pretend) group of overseas managers who have are interested in future investments in joint ventures in China.

Please include information on the following:

1) About the environment of foreign investment and joint ventures in China

2) How China attracts foreign investment

3) The impact of Chinas accession to the WTO on foreign investment in China

4) The different types of foreign investment in China. For example, China-Foreign Equity Joint Venture, China-Foreign Cooperative Joint Venture, Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise, Direct Foreign Investment, etc

5) Legal framework for foreign investment

6) Areas and industries favourable for Foreign Investors

7) The relative position of one country in South East Asia in contrast to China. Make a comparison of lower wages in China to more favourable conditions in that South East Asian country.

8) Advantages of investing in China