Oreign labor and recruitment in United Arab Emirates

Notes about the research proposal as doctor said:

A· It is a research proposal paper for 10 pages.

A· Choose a Good Topic and the doctor want to see the relation between drop out of school and income . we must think of connectivity.

A· Example : find out if family relation impact educational level.

A· Identify problem and how it contributes with our society.

A· use all techniques

A· Literature survey must be included in the research: what has been done regarding this subject

A· Social media / new media facebook

A· Blogs

A· You are promising a research something that we donat know.

A· You can look

A· Fdc : federal demographic council

Parts of a Master Thesis Proposal

There are some essential parts for a thesis proposal. But the universities and the departments have their requirements and the formats for their master thesis proposal. Students have to prepare their thesis proposals as per the guidelines given by their department. However, there are some general requirements of writing a Masteras thesis proposal which includes the following:
a? Title page
a? Abstract
a? Contents page
a? Introduction
a? Thesis statement
a? Literature review
a? Methodology
a? Discussion with results of the preliminary research
a? Thesis plan including time table
a? Significance of the of research
a? Bibliography