Oreign Policies in the Middle East (why these countries policies are happening towards israel) I have more instructions posted.

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Here is feedback from my professor

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Write now my professor said I would fail on this paper so we really need to overhaul this paper.

Think about the paper as why does country x have a different policy towards israel than country y. Just talk about 2 countrys and about israel. please explain this outcome. This paper needs to explain how religion at the state and the individual level. when doing this analysis paper, please talk about them and then why relgion is the driving factor and list cases. I think most of the paper is there, we just have to take out a little chunk and be more about why instead of how.

Here are some things to also think about

-setting up
-thesis (roadmap for paper)


Theory (outline logic)

factor A: (abstract about relgion of the state and the religoi of population. talk about it like this:( this is what people expect to see to happen and then see if thatS the case. )

factor B: variables

My argument

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then after explaining all the factors then end with the conclusion. talk about Egypt and syria or kuwait for the two countries policies towards israel. Whatever two countries is best for you to explain. the big thing that we need to do is work on the structure. I hope you read my professors feedback from my attached file. I will be up all night so please contact me frequently. If i get an A on the paper I will compensate you more money.

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here was the paper i need edited