Oreign policy 1914-1929, The Pacific Theater 1943-1945, Civil Rights Movement, Terrorism and Freedoms

I need 4 essays one essay question on each page a mininum of 5 paragraphs for each eassay. Essay Question 1 page 1: statement one wooddrow wilson was a visionary who was ahead of his time concerning foreign diplomacy with the fourteen points and league of nations. statement two woodrow wilson was a naive dreamer who believed all nations would not make war just because they signed an agreement. which statement do you agree with? write a persuasive essay that supports your point of view. summarize Wilsons Fourteen Points concerning their value in creating a climate of world peace.Compare and contrast Wilsons approach to foreign diplomacy and those individuals who supported limited isolation. Essay Question 2 page 2: choose one of the major battles in the Pacific Theater that contributed to the defeat of the Axis nations.(do not use the dropping of the atomic bomb as one of your choices.)Write a persuasive essay that defends your top choice. please provide specific details and reasons for your choice. Essay Question 3 page 3: Make a list of the three most important and influential events in the Civil Rights Movement.Rank these events in order of importance.Write a persuasive essay that supports your top choices.Identify and explain the reasons for your choices.Explain how these three choices relate to the state of civil rights for African Amercians in the U.S. today.Besure to use facts and examples to support your point of veiw. Essay Question 4 Page 4: Write a letter to president George W. Bush that expresses your opinion of his actions regarding the war on terror.