Oreign Relations of the US and China 1958-1960

Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) is a compendium of the most important declassified American diplomatic correspondence, meeting minutes, and intelligence reports. Dating back to roughly the beginning of the twentieth century, FRUS is published in approximately thirty-year intervals. Currently, correspondence from the Nixon and Ford administrations are being compiled for publication as part of FRUS. For the diplomatic historian, FRUS is a readily available treasure trove of information and primary sources.

It is important to delve into the primary sources to obtain a deeper understanding of the history of American foreign relations. Your job is to select one volume (which you have done already) of FRUS and READ/SKIM that volume to obtain basic information, including:

What is American policy regarding this region at this time?
What major events are taking place?
Who are the major players?
Are there any major changes in policy from beginning to end of volume? Explain.

Secondary source research will be necessary on your part for better understanding and must be cited, along with FRUS, in your paper. Therefore, be prepared to make wide use of Interlibrary Loan services. Use of Internet sources, except journal articles downloaded from JStor, is not allowed.

On a final note, your reading and work will contribute to discussions held later in the semester on topics dealing with World War I, the origins of the Cold War, and American relations with the developing world. You will shortly receive a list of students and the volumes for which they are responsible.

Information should base on Foreign Relations of the United States 1958-1960 volume 19 China.book.ISBN 0-16-041757-0.