Orelation between resource Dependency and Democratic Consolidation in SubSaharan Africa

Please do a desertation for the topic Resource dependency and democratic consolidation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Abstract
The abstract should provide a succinct, descriptive account of the thesis. The abstract should not exceed 150 words, should be double-spaced, and should adhere to the same style manual as the thesis manuscript. The abstract should include pertinent place names, names of persons, and other proper nouns. These are useful in automated retrieval. A lower-case Roman numeral is used on the abstract page.
Dedication (optional)
The dedication is brief, single-spaced, and centered on the page (horizontally and vertically). No heading is used. The word Tocustomarily begins the dedication.
Epigraph or Frontispiece (optional)
The epigraph is centered on its own page (horizontally and vertically). The text is single-spaced. No heading is used. The frontispiece or illustration is centered on the page (horizontally and vertically). It may be accompanied by a title, which is centered and positioned below the illustration.
Acknowledgement/Preface/Support (optional)
This section begins with the title ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS centered in all capital letters two inches from the top of the page.
Table of Contents
The Table of Contents must include all chapter headings, the bibliography, and appendices. Preliminary pages are not included. Entries are double-spaced. Sub-headings are block-indented by half an inch. The headings of major sections (i.e., chapters, bibliography, appendices) are written in all capital letters. Table of Contents headings must be identical to those in the text. Page numbers listed must be rightjustified and connected to the appropriate entry by a line of evenly spaced dot leaders (periods). The words TABLE OF CONTENTS must be centered on the page two inches from the top of the first page only.
The text of the thesis must consists of the introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should describe the unique contribution of the work to the students academic discipline. This may be accomplished by (1) an explanation of the problem and its context or (2) a review of the literature. The text must be divided into a logical scheme that is followed consistently throughout the document. The larger divisions and more important minor divisions are indicated by suitable, consistent headings. Chapter organization as practiced by the discipline should be followed.
Headings and Subheadings
use headings and subheadings to subdivide chapters or sections, but a consistent sequence of headings as identified in the style guide selected must be followed. You may not change the sequence and style of headings from chapter to chapter. Once the sequence is chosen, it must be followed consistently throughout the thesis. All chapter headings are positioned two inches from the top of the page.
Lower-case Roman numerals are used to number all pages preceding the text. Although the preliminary paging begins with the title page, no number appears on that page. The page immediately following the title page is numbered with a lowercase Roman numeral. Beginning with the first page of the text, all pages are to be numbered with Arabic numerals consecutively throughout the thesis document, including the appendix and the bibliography or list of references. The Arabic numerals must be positioned at the bottom of the page, centered between the margins. Page headers or running heads may not be used in the thesis.
Tables and Figures
The term Tablerefers to a column arrangement of information, often data sets, organized to save space and convey relationships at a glance. The term Figurerefers to graphs, drawings, diagrams, charts, maps, or photographs. All such details should be inserted in the text near where they are first mentioned. A table or figure may appear on the same page as the text that refers to it or on a separate page. Each figure or table must be numbered and have a caption. Captions are placed below figures and pictures and above tables. Captions may be single-or double-spaced.
Each illustration must be referred to in the text and it must be placed after, and as near as possible to, the first reference to it in the text. All illustrative materials in the thesis must be prepared on paper that is the same weight (or stronger) and use the same font type as elsewhere in the manuscript. If illustrations are mounted, dry mounting must be used. Photocopy reproduction of published material must be legible and conform to the pagination and margin requirements.
Widowsand Orphansare terms that refer to isolated single lines of paragraphs that appear at the bottom or top of a page. These should be avoided. There should be at least two lines of a paragraph at the top or bottom of each page of the text of the manuscript.
Reference Material
The reference material includes the bibliography and the appendices. These major divisions have pages numbered in Arabic numerals that continue the series begun on the first page of the text. Appendix or Appendices
The appendix (or a series of appendices) immediately follows the main text. The appendix includes material that may be helpful to the reader of the thesis but may be too long for inclusion in the text or footnotes. The title, APPENDIX, appears only on the first page of the section, in capital letters centered two inches from the top. Examples of such material include questionnaires, letters, original data, sample forms, and vitae. Reference should be made in the text to the inclusion of these materials in the Appendix. Each appendix is a separate subdivision of the text and must begin on a separate page. Each appendix must be listed in the Table of Contents.
Bibliography or References
The bibliography lists all sources cited in the text either by direct quotation or by reference. The title, BIBLIOGRAPHY or REFERENCES, appears only on the first page of the section, in capital letters centered two inches from the top. The listing begins four single-spaced lines below. The bibliography or list of references is normally the last item in the thesis following the appendix. There are several formats for bibliographic entries depending on the discipline and the format style of the discipline. You are require that the bibliography and referencing system correctly and consistently follow the established practices of a recognized academic style manual. Only one system of referencing is to be used throughout the thesis, culminating in a single bibliography or reference list. The selection of the academic style manual to be followed rests with the academic department.