Orensic Accounting Review Questions (Easy!)

This report is to answer 3 questions as provided in the separate file. Within the instruction paper, you willl see 3 questions and the first question is basiclaly a review of what I learned from this course which worth 10 points. Rest of 2 questions will worth 45 points each. So, I would like you to write 2 pages on first question and 3 pages each for question 2 and 3.

Im providing the course syllabus and in-class power points for your reference. Please refer to those to complete this assignment. The class syllabus and group project will help you to answer question 1 and rest of power points will help you to answer question 2 and 3.

Please use as much information from the power point to be criticial. Work cited page is NOT needed.

If you have any question, please let me know.