Orensic Interview With a Child Victim of Sexual Abuse

Several factors need to be considered when working with children. They include consent, the presence of parents, and the childas level of understanding. An interviewer needs to remember that a?children are children,a? despite the hurt that they may have experienced in their lives. A forensic interviewer needs to avoid compounding a childas pain or jeopardizing the outcome of a legal investigation by failing to comply with the law and with professional guidelines.
In this scenario-based Discussion, you analyze the transcript of a forensic interview with a child victim of sexual abuse. You evaluate the appropriateness of the strategies used by the interviewer and post alternative strategies that might assist in the legal investigation.
To prepare for this Discussion:
Read the Forensic Child Interview transcript.
Read the chapter by Zajac from Bull et al., as well as the Bull article.
Read the articles by Larsson & Lamb and Fontes & Plummer.
View the ABA and National CAC videos.
Post your evaluation of the appropriateness of the strategies used in the child forensic interview. Provide a rationale for your responses by citing the Learning Resources. Suggest two additional strategies available to the interviewer (e.g., lines of questioning, activities that do not involve talking, etc.).

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