Orensic Pathology Case Study: Problem A”

Read the attached case study (Problem A”) and answer the following:

Given the similarities in signs and symptoms experienced by several of the individuals involved in this case, suspicion of the investigators–medicolegal and police–turned to the possible role poison may have played.

Question 1: What caused Suzys death?

Question 2: What is the cause of Sarahs multiple problems?

Question 3: During the MacAroys family camping trip, what chemical(s) could have caused their illness?

Question 4: After coming home from the camping trip, David had another outbreak. What poison(s) do you think could have caused that outbreak and why? During Davids second attack, which ended in his death, what chemical(s) were involved? What are some other side effects?

Question 5: Looking back to the autopsy report, given Mr. Austins symptoms during his hospitalizations, could it be possible that his cause of death was unrelated to his heart disease? If so, what could be the contributing cause of death and how do you know?